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We operate in strategic verticals through companies that are leaders in their segments.

Founded in 2013, Smart NX is a leader in innovative CX as a Service solutions that transform the way different types of businesses connect with their customers. With deep understanding of the Brazilian market, Smart NX offers scalable solutions to increase results and create unforgettable experience journeys for consumers.
Mercos is a software company that organizes and automates the activities of independent sales representatives and sales orders of manufacturers and distributors. They are currently focused on sales growth via B2B e-commerce and sales management solutions.
Founded in 1999, ONCLICK is a technology company focused on the development of business solutions, with about 130 employees, more than 1,300 customers, 300 virtual stores and more than 1,000 cash fronts. It aims to improve business management through technology and innovation, building intelligent tools and having as a differential the customer relationship.
Datahub offers a powerful and innovative Multi-Market Data Intelligence Platform, operating on Big Data Brazil with updated information from 214 million people and 36 million companies. Developed to support your company in making strategic decisions for Prospecting, Profitability and Customer Retention actions.
Effecti was born with the purpose of simplifying processes through innovative solutions designed for companies that provide to the Government. Every day the team of experts works to develop the best tools and deliver to bidders the safest and most efficient performance in the arduous bidding process.
Largest ERP for eyeglass shops. They help your customers have control of everything that happens in the store, automating marketing and after-sales actions so that they can sell more.
The All-in-One Digital Marketing Platform. They help entrepreneurs be good sellers over the internet, allowing them to automate in one place all the repetitive processes of their Marketing and focus more time on their strategies.